Mackenzie the Adventurer

Hi! I’m Mackenzie. I’m a writer by passion and a lover of the human soul by design. I love to travel, be outdoors, camp, watch nature, find adventures, write, have weird experiences just so I can write about them, spend time with friends, family and God, meet new people, discuss purpose, listen to just about every kind of music (sorry country and heavy metal lovers), read, watch movies, and do most anything else that involves truly sucking the marrow out of life. Whether I’m driving down a new road soaking in the scenery, talking with a complete stranger for hours, taking a hike on a rocky trail, going for a jog with my little man, hubby and our pup, or reading a good book by the fire as snow falls, I thrive on experiences.

Oh and if you didn’t catch it quite yet, I love the outdoors and travel. Stick me on a road, in the sky or on the tracks with some good tunes or good company, and you’ll have yourself one happy camper. Mountain, prairie, beach or forest, I enjoy it all and hope to experience everything this planet has to offer. As far as I can tell, life is made up of the intertwining of our stories with creation, people and our Creator. My plan: become deeply entangled with them all, and then share that beautiful mess with you!