Yay for adult snow days, old road trip pics and new blog beginnings! Today marks the launch of my new “Woman Seeking Adventure” blog! Thank you feet of snow and ice-packed roads for making this day possible.

Looks like we'll be having the fire inside tonight.

Looks like we’ll be having the fire inside tonight.

Let’s start with some backstory. While I am currently tucked away by a fireplace in Colorado, and thoroughly enjoying it, I will soon be grabbing a cheap flight back to Texas to pick up my car and continue on my epic, near 21,000-mile road trip around America, by myself. And … all the parents just gasped. Yes, it’s true, I’m a 24-year-old gal who loves adventure, travel, the outdoors, random experiences, pondering the deeper things in life and meeting friendly strangers.

Concerned individuals, before you write me off as immature and crazy, please be sure to read some of my upcoming posts about how to travel safely as a woman. I would say 99 percent of the people that I’ve told my tricks of the trade have been thoroughly impressed and agreed that I’m not completely crazy. My grandma is the other 1 percent; you can’t win’em all!

Back in September, I started on my thoroughly planned road trip. I traveled for three months: meeting awesome strangers, “coincidentally” running into people I know thousands of miles from home at just the right time, seeing the majesty of creation, hiking along lake shores and wooded trails, getting a minor case of I think shingles (still not sure at this point) and seriously so much more. Throughout my travels, I had several of my newly-met friends ask me where they could go online to follow the rest of my adventure. While I do have a couple other blogs, piggypays.com and theworldsyearbook.com (a work in progress), neither one was really suitable for freely documenting all of my travel experiences.

It became apparent that I needed a place to share my adventures and odd life experiences; a place where I could detail the time that a grizzly bear sauntered right past my rolled-down passenger window, and when the Canadian border patrol decided to take my pepper spray and delete a video off my phone. Thus, BandanaBow was born.Tetons Adventure My place for sharing adventures, experiences and thoughts on all aspects of life from a woman-in-her-20s perspective. My goal: to encourage people, especially women, to find the adventure in life, whatever it may look like.

And all that’s left to say for now: Let’s find some adventure, friends!

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