Ready for a super cheap date or activity to do with a friend or family member visiting the Colorado Springs area? Check out our hit-list destinations and map below to plan your Colorado Springs adventure! Plus, use the CtheSprings hashtag (#CtheSprings) to share your selfies and discoveries!

The adventure started with my friend Mandi’s idea for a Valentine’s Day “friendventure,” and it transformed into an amazing day of discovering our hometown. We took selfies across the city at all the major tourist spots and found some hidden gems. Plus, we mapped out everything, so that you can “CtheSprings,” too!

For those ready to do this thing, here are some tips! First, be sure to have a car charger for your phone because the picture-taking and social-media-posting will run your battery dry. Second, have the passenger update your friends on your adventure while you drive between spots. Third, sneakers or some other comfortable shoes are a good idea. And fourth, a Dutch Bros. Coffee is conveniently located downtown between The Black Sheep and the U.S. Olympic Training Center, just saying. For more information on the areas you’ll be seeing and to find out our full, selfie-hunt story, click here!Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods

Mac & Mandi’s Excellent Selfie Adventure to CtheSprings

A Colorado Springs Scavenger Hunt

Garden of the Gods

Manitou Springs

Old Colorado City

Cheyenne Mountain

  • Starr Kempf’s Metal Sculpture Garden (Artist filled his yard with his amazing metal sculptures!)
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • Seven Falls (You may only find the parking lot, that’s where we ended up, haha!)
  • The Broadmoor (Feel free to hold up traffic to get your picture. J Maybe the guard will take it for you!)

Downtown Colorado Springs

Happy Colorado Springs Adventuring!