Today, March 8, 2016, marks the 105th International Women’s Day for several countries and the 31st for the United Nations. Around the world, women, and men, celebrate the achievements and progress of women’s rights.

Celebrate Women!When starting this blog, a part of the inspiration for its name and essence came from the women’s rights icon: Rosie the Riveter. Sporting her bandana bow, strong arms and can-do spirit, Rosie represented and still represents the attitude of women throughout history: “We can do it.” We can do anything. We can be educated, work and invent. We can see the world and inspire it. We can change faulty perceptions and create new ones. We can be whomever we want: pilots, engineers, artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, writers, caretakers, adventurers, business professionals, stay-at-home moms, working moms, scientists or doctors, to name a few.

As a beautiful, strong woman, Rosie represents the character of women across the globe – ready to work and contribute to the well-being of their country, their friends and their family. Businessmen created the “Rosie the Riveter” poster to inspire women to fill workforce needs during World War II. Although women were not permitted to fight in the war (outside of a small number of previously unrecognized female pilots), many stood at the edge of war zones ready to doctor wounded soldiers. While at home, others gladly went to work in factories to produce the materials necessary for America to help win the war.

The following is an excerpt about women in World War II from an article about Rosie the Riveter at

More than six million female workers helped to build planes, bombs, tanks and other weapons that would eventually win World War II. They stepped up to the plate without hesitation and gave up their domestic jobs to accomplish things that only men had done before them. They became streetcar drivers, operated heavy construction machinery, worked in lumber and steel mills, unloaded freight and much more. Proving that they could do the jobs known as “men’s work” created an entirely new image of women in American society, and set the stage for upcoming generations.

Happy International Women's Day!Carrying this new image, women today continue to challenge expectations and inspire change not only in America, but around the world. Unfortunately, there are still places that greatly hinder women’s rights. I hope and pray that as personal testimonies like Malala Yousafzai’s are shared, these countries will be forced to change.

For the ladies like myself who are blessed to experience basic rights like education and being able to work, let’s remember to be grateful today. And for all women, I encourage you to take time to celebrate you and the other women in your life today! I celebrated by wearing no make-up and by taking my father out for lunch because I’m a working woman who’s happy to get the bill, now and then. 😉

Happy International Women’s Day!

To learn more about Rosie the Riveter, visit the History channel website by clicking here. And if you’d like to know more about International Women’s Day, click here!