Many of you may have already read this post about our journey to meet Josiah on my Facebook account. This was our “announcement” post, you could say; telling our friends and family who didn’t already know about our journey and our little, big miracle, which was most people. I’ll share why we didn’t tell more people during my pregnancy another time.

In this post, I wanted to give our friends and family the very basic, background story of how God saved Josiah – our little, big miracle. One of the primary reasons I did this “announcement” was because I fully planned on, have been, and will continue to share lots of photos of Josiah. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to take pictures, so obviously I was destined to be one of those annoying moms who posts pictures of her kid non-stop. I am who I am, people.

Plus, I didn’t want to have people private messaging me the first time I posted a picture of our little man wanting to know what happened. If I just went ahead and told people the gist of our story, then maybe I could post all the photos I want and everyone would simply enjoy his adorableness as they should.

Me and Our Little, Big Miracle at RMNP

And, most importantly, I believe God will use the story of giving us Josiah to impact and maybe even save lives. At a minimum, I know that from this day forward, the doctors that told us he wouldn’t live based on their experience can never again honestly tell someone that it’s not possible or offer them an abortion with the bleak assurance that their child will not live anyway.

I hope and plan to share more about our journey to meet our little, big miracle and everything that God did and all that He taught us along the way. For now, here’s a glimpse into our story:

The Journey to Meet Our Little, Big Miracle

Yesterday, we celebrated one month with Josiah, and as he lays on my chest now I can’t help but cry. We were told this day wouldn’t happen. At 12 weeks, Nate and I went to the ultrasound excited and giddy like the other expecting parents. However, we walked out of our appointment devastated. It was the worst day of my life. We were told that our baby would not live. That our best-case scenario might be a couple hours with him after birth. I threw up that night … a lot. I never throw up.

At first, we just cried and processed in our own ways. I laid in bed the rest of the night. We decided not to go on our mule ride in the Grand Canyon. It was that weekend. We’d been planning on it for months, but I couldn’t manage it. I wasn’t ready to be with anyone, not even family.

The next day, God made clear that He had a different plan in mind. Like when Sadie went missing, we were called to pray and believe that He truly can do anything. And, He did. At some point, I plan to share more of the wild, God-filled journey that commenced. For now, I’ll just say that God is truly the God of the impossible. He healed Josiah and spoke to us in soooo many ways throughout the months that followed. He gave us a beautiful, healthy boy.

Josiah is one in a million, well one in 250 million to be more precise. He does not have arms and his legs are smaller and different than most, but he doesn’t have any genetic disorder or syndrome, much to the surprise of the doctors. He is a healthy, whole, strong, sweet little man who we are so excited to get to know and raise! We love you, Josiah!

“Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart …” Luke 18:1