One of my goals for 2021 is to read more – 25 books to be exact. To some of you, that may seem like an easily achieved goal. To others, like me, it looks manageable at first and then you find yourself six months into the year with zero books read.

This year, I finally got serious. During the past several New Year’s resolution seasons, I jotted down “read more” as a goal, and each year, I did not even come close. I realized going into 2021 that if I actually want to read more books, I have to make the time to do it.

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How I’m achieving my goal to read more.

One of the primary ways that I’ve started to achieve this goal is by doing less of other things. I decided to bar movies and TV for all of January and have kept media scrolling to a minimum since then. It’s been great! I’ve read almost 10 books thus far – several Christian theology, Christian literature and fiction books. Books on marriage, mystery, romance, life, loving people well, you name it.

I’ve learned a lot, been inspired, garnered direction for my own writing, and laughed to myself a number of times. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but it’s kind of one of those things that you can forget you love until you start it up again, like working out … well, for some people anyways!

To meet my goal, I am trying to read two-three books each month. And, I’m telling you! By sharing this goal, I now have hundreds of people to keep me accountable … ha! Just kidding, I probably have my mom and Nana, but that will work! Mom, Nana, congratulations, you are now my accountability partners to help me read more.

Another way I’m going to help myself stay on track is by sharing what I’ve been reading and giving little synopses of each along with my thoughts on the books. Kind of funny, who’d have thought after eighth grade English that I, or anyone else, would ever assign themselves a reading synopsis. Mrs. Hare would be proud.

Help me read more!

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So, stay tuned! Maybe you’ll even get inspired to read more. And, if you have any book suggestions, please send them my way! I still have a long way to go before December.

I’m open to any suggestions, so don’t be shy. If you’re a bookworm with about thirty ideas already and wondering where to begin, I am particularly interested in any new Dystopian novels that are worth reading. I’ve read The Hunger Games and really enjoyed that to give you an idea.

You can DM me on Instagram, Facebook or leave a comment below. And, if you send me a book suggestion on Instagram or Facebook, I’ll share it in my story and tag you. Thanks in advance for helping me achieve my goal to read more in 2021!